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March 12, 2016








Bart Lombardo is a tenkara guide from New Jersey, one of the first. Bart was an early adopter of tenkara, embracing the technique and equipment since Tenkara USA first introduced it to the United States in 2009. He was initially attracted to tenkara because of its simplicity and elegance. In addition to fishing for trout, he has pushed the limits of this style of fishing to include targeting fish in warm and salt water!

Fly fishing since he was a young teenager he has over forty years of fly fishing experience under his belt. Bart is an active advocate for cold-water fisheries conservation and is currently serving as President of the Central Jersey chapter of Trout Unlimited. Since retiring from a thirty-year career in law enforcement, he has grown his hair long and taken up the life of a fly fishing guide. Bart currently guides out of Shannon’s Fly Shop in Califon, NJ. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge of tenkara especially to anglers new to this style of fishing.

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  1. Jerry Rubin says:

    Hi, Bart: I live in Bucks coounty, PA and need some adice on which Tenkara rod to buy and related subjects. If you could give me a call I’d appreciate it!


    Jerry Rubin

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