About tenkara flies (Episode 4)

March 23, 2017

In episode 4 of our series, the “2-minute Guides to Tenkara”, Daniel Galhardo talks about tenkara flies and focuses on the reverse-hackle style tenkara fly, the sakasa kebari.
You can also watch videos on how-to tie tenkara flies in our channel.

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3 Responses to About tenkara flies (Episode 4)

  1. jon munson says:

    Thank Yu for the videos. Tenka4ra fishing for the 1st time next week. Long time Fly fisherman. This looks so simple and like so much fun. Can’t wait. Your videos are very helpful.

  2. Donna Mitchell says:

    Please explain how Tenkara fly fishing is different from any other technique. I am new to the sport and haven’t purchased equipment yet.

    • Hi Donna, in tenkara we use only a rod, line and fly, but no reel. Typically we are using rods that are a bit longer, and a fixed length of line (about the same length as the rod to start) is tied to the tip of the rod. Casting is also a bit easier. The videos in this page may do a good job showing what it looks like. If you have any questions please let us know! Thanks for writing.

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