A conversation with Go Ishii

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September 16, 2015

Go IshiiGo Ishii, a long-time tenkara angler who’s been learning under some of the best tenkara anglers in Japan and has earned a reputation for his joviality and good technique, just arrived from Japan for the 5th annual Tenkara Summit. Ahead of the event we sat down to talk about his experiences with tenkara.

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2 Responses to A conversation with Go Ishii

  1. Ike says:

    Great cast! It’s so nice to hear a Japanese perspective on American Tenkara. Did you ever find out any more information on the angler running the small ryokan up in the Kurobe region? (Saiki San, I think?) Does he really catch the fish in the air with his hands?! That’s something I’d love to see! Always wanted to do some backpacking (and fishing) in Japan. Staying in a tiny mountain ryokan in the summer sounds amazing.

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