30-second tenkara pronunciation guide Video

In this short video we have 4 different tenkara anglers showing us how to correctly pronounce some of the most common words in tenkara: tenkara, sakasa, kebari, iwana, amago, yamame, ito

May 24, 2014

You don’t have to pronounce Japanese words correctly to fish with tenkara, but we thought you’d enjoy learning.

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4 Responses to 30-second tenkara pronunciation guide Video

  1. Miles mellow says:

    This website is difficult to navigate with a smartphone. Anyway. I had the discomfort of meeting the tenkara rep in boulder at mcguckins. What started out as a casual conversation about fishing ended in a treatise on how he hasn’t used anything but a tenkara rod for years and wouldn’t even entertain any other type of fishing. “If I can’t fish tenkara I’ll just drink wisky”. Ouch! I told him I was throwing flies on a spin rod with a casting bubble because of the high winds and blowing snow. His comment? ‘ I haven’t used a spin rod in 40 years and probably never will again’. He told me he had never tried the casting bubble method and would never try it. I’m not sure how he expects people to be receptive to a new method of fishing when he can’t even pretend to be interested in other methods he himself hasn’t tried. My impression of YOUR rep. What a pompous ass!!

    • Miles, thanks for the feedback on both the site and the employee at our dealer. Please know that whomever you spoke with is not our rep, but an employee of the store we work with. Not a great approach regardless so we appreciate learning about that.

  2. Marcus Brooks says:

    How would this work here in Texas on the coast (saltwater) or in the lakes and rivers of central Texas for Bass, Trout or Perch..??


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