Mushroom Walk (video)

On August 11, 2017
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This video has no fishing in it, at all.
But I thought you would enjoy the video I just created. Yesterday morning, at the last day of our 3-week long book tour, I woke up in the tenkaravan next to a gorgeous forest. Those who know me will remember foraging is right up there with tenkara in terms of things I love doing. As I had coffee I felt inspired to go foraging and to film it all. Hope you enjoy it.
Mushroom Walk – by Tenkara USA

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5 Responses to Mushroom Walk (video)

  1. David says:

    I attended our annual instate mushroom club foray three weeks ago. Interestingly according to Gary Lincoff Americans and Europeans primarily hunt wild mushrooms for flavor. Japanese and Asians primarily choose mushrooms with medicinal properties with flavor being secondary.

    He always has great stories to tell about hunting mushrooms all over the world for decades. One story he tells is about his grandfather’s reaction when he first announced he intended to study mushrooms. His grandfather stated, “You know I like lettuce, BUT I don’t study it.”

  2. MICHAELA says:

    Hi Daniel

    This also reminds me about mushroom hunting with my Russian grandmother . Thank you for the memory!

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