mounTEN: issue 1, October 2018

On October 10, 2018
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Announcing our first issue of mounTEN! The official “e-zine” of Tenkara USA. Look for it on the TENth of every month, each issue is a collection of essays, interviews, how-to’s, and philosophical thoughts on the tenkara lifestyle in TEN spreads. At the end of the zine will be an installment of Up TENkara Creek, a new comic about the history and story of tenkara. We have designed the comic to be printable as a coloring page. Download it here and break out the colored pencils and crayons :)

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12 Responses to mounTEN: issue 1, October 2018

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see upcoming issues!

  2. Richard says:

    ‘printable AS a coloring page’

    And can you give instructions for viewing or downloading ISSUU. I can only see as a .pdf which makes nonsense of the spreads.
    Looks good tho’ in a 2inc size..

    • Jeremy Shellhorn says:

      Hi Richard, you should be able to click on the magazine or hit the “fullscreen” icon to view it larger. Also clicking the ISSU logo in the bottom navigation will allow you to look at it at any size you need to. Hope that helps!

  3. David says:

    A quick fun read. And only twelve more days to wait till the next issue.

  4. […] Tenkara USA has launched a new monthly digital project – MounTEN – that will drop on the 10th of each month. Read the October issue here. […]

  5. hudagai says:

    When one eats a mountain trout one becomes part of the land and water. The fish ate the insects which ate the algae and the plants which grew from the land. So all those elements become my flesh and bones.
    And yes while I understand and practice the ethos of “catch and release”, , . standing in the sound of ripples-, mesmerized by the oneness of water, fish and me… the taking and eating of a fish is a transcendental experience.. It completes the circle of life.

    Yes to those moments that are appropriate and right.

  6. Martin Alfredo Blasco says:

    Such a cool idea! Thank you.

  7. […] Tenkara USA started publishing a free monthly web magazine called “mounTENzine“. The end of each issue features a colorable comic about tenkara, so I took some free time at […]

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