Manzanita tenkara net

On July 30, 2010
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Today I completed my first own tenkara net. It’s made of one manzanita branch, found after much looking and worked on for over a month. The end of the handle features a deer antler tip, which in Japanese superstition is believed to protect anglers in the water.

Manzanita tenkara net

Raw branch:

Raw Branch Manzanita tenkara

MORE PICTURESRaw Branch Manzanita tenkara net

Raw Branch Manzanita tenkara net

Raw Branch Manzanita tenkara net

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3 Responses to Manzanita tenkara net

  1. Fransk says:

    like a filigrane spider web woven in a branch. very beautiful.

  2. Mark says:

    What is the source of your net? Very nice.

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