Live interview for Japanese radio 東京ラジオ局J-Wave ・テンカラのインタビュー

On December 2, 2010
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I have suspected that the popularization of tenkara in the US would help create even more interest for tenkara fly-fishing in Japan. Today, Tenkara USA founder and CEO (yes, me, Daniel Galhardo) gave a live interview about tenkara for the Tokyo radio station J-Wave, in their program, “Global Frontline”.  They were very interested in tenkara, particularly because most people in Japan still have no idea what tenkara is, but  it’s being widely adopted here in the US.

The introduction is in Japanese, but the interview was fully done in English. It’s now available on iTunes as a free podcast.   You can also listen to it on your iPhone, just search for “Global Frontline”. CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW FOR PODCAST LINK:

Tenkara USA interview for Tokyo radio station, J-Wave “Global Frontline”:  podcast

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One Response to Live interview for Japanese radio 東京ラジオ局J-Wave ・テンカラのインタビュー

  1. Rick Setina says:

    Great interview Daniel. I really enjoyed listening on the way in from my UPS route.

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