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On May 25, 2014
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The Amago™ is our big fish/big river rod. It has earned kudos from anglers who are frequently targeting larger trout (say over 17″ on a regular basis) as well as those targeting bass and other species. Even pink salmon have been successfully landed with the Tenkara USA Amago.

Read all  reviews for this tenkara rod here, here are a couple of highlights:

   5 out of 5 flies

Pfabian, Eastern Connecticut Small Streams: “The Amago is an amazing fishing tool. … I am so happy with this product for its durability and for all the work that Tenkara USA has done to revolutionize fishing!”

Read more about the Amago in other sites:

Pink Salmon caught on tenkara in Alaska using the Amago.

Tenkara rod Amago with pink salmon

Photo by Kirk Deeter, original post here

Kirk Deeter catches pink salmon in Alaska and reviews the experience here.
Tenkara is primarily for little trout. It makes an 8-inch brookie feel like a big fish. But I have a habit of not limiting myself to those fish. In Guyana, I caught baby tarpon on tenkara. In Saskatchewan it was northern pike and grayling. On a recent trip to Alaska with Hal Herring and others, we got into masses of pink salmon.”

AMAGO, $169

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