Iwana 12ft, series I, back in stock Limited quantity

On April 12, 2011
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After the incredible surge in demand over the last month we quickly sold out of one of our most popular rods, the Iwana 12ft. To meet the on-going demand we brought back some of our series I Iwana from the Canadian warehouse. These were just added to our inventory and will be available until sold out, probably within the next 2 weeks.

If you had been waiting for the 12ft Iwana, now’s the time to get it. This is the first iteration of the Iwana rod, which has a shorter handle (9 inches instead of the current model 12″ handle). It’s a very nice rod, and what created the following for the Iwana. The Series II, which has a longer handle, and better quality cork, is expected back in our inventory approximately the first week of May.

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