Camera phone microscope: optical lens for you entomologists

On April 2, 2012
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For the first time I’ll be taking the liberty to talk about something that is not totally related to tenkara, but which I think you’ll enjoy, and which may have applications in tenkara too. Do not worry, this will not be setting a precedent for posts about funny cats in the future. I believe you’ll like learning how to turn your camera phone into a microscope.

business card photo

Detail of the image above (Ralph and Lisa Cutter’s business card) – NOT MAGNIFIED BY THE PHONE!

Recently I ran across this blog post talking about using a water drop to turn your camera phone into a microscope of sorts. Intriguing, but I did not try it right away and didn’t think much about it since. Then, I went fishing with Ralph and Lisa Cutter, renowned anglers, fly fishing instructors and makers of the highly acclaimed film Bugs of the Underworld. Remembering the post I had read, I brought it up when they were taking some pictures of water life. At their home, the waterdrop lens became a source of great amusement, because it worked! So, I share it here with you.

Another perspective: find this on your $5 bill.

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