Infographic: Should you try tenkara?

On June 24, 2014
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PDF: Tenkara Infographic

Tenkara infographic

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5 Responses to Infographic: Should you try tenkara?

  1. 10KARA.TV…who knew?

    Well done, all paths clearly lead to tenkara (except sharks…oh my).

  2. Chad W. says:

    Thanks for posting this little chart! After painfully deliberating for the past few weeks whether or not to get a tenkara rod, this gave me a laugh and made me decide to take the plunge. I just submitted my order and am anxiously awaiting my rod!

    • Hey Chad, thank you for your order. Glad the “decision matrix” helped someone take the plunge!

    • Jeff A. says:

      Chad – I’m the happy owner of three Tenakara rods, all TenkaraUSA rods (can’t beat the quality and the guarantee). You’re going to love the rod whichever one you got. You’ll also find that for it will soon be your favored rod for most situations. In fact the only thing I still use my western rod for is stripping streamers.

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