Hold everything on The SimpliFly, a Kickstarter campaign

On March 27, 2014
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Here’s an interesting product concept, “The SimpliFly“. The concept is a box that will hold everything you need to fly-fish (and probably more than you need). The product has been conceived and prototyped now they are looking for help on bringing it to market. I have not yet seen one in person, but really like that they took tenkara into account, even featuring a space to fit our tenkara line holders. Their Kickstarter page is here.  What do you think?

The SimpliFly fly box and tenkara line holders compartment

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10 Responses to Hold everything on The SimpliFly, a Kickstarter campaign

  1. Mark Fischer says:

    My wife wants to know if they can add a mirror? She wants to use it for her makeup.

  2. Joe says:

    nice idea…….would consider buying one…..

  3. Timmy! says:

    I like it!

  4. This is an excellent idea. When they come available, please let me know. My tenkara stuff is strewn about my Orvis sling pack! I need an organizer for just Tenkara!!


  5. I think this is a really innovative design; however, I probably wouldn’t use one because it still holds more than I need. It would be interesting if they came out with 2 sizes: the original size and a “micro” version that is maybe half the size. But I really like the integrated zingers and REALLY like the magnetic hemostat holder. Brilliant. This is a purple cow for sure.

  6. Gary Cooper says:

    I have 3 vests and 2 chest packs . This looks great . I float tube,cataraft and kayak . I am very interested in this . Let me know how to get one. Great job.

  7. tsegelke says:

    Way too bulky for my taste. Trim it down by about 70% and then we can talk.

  8. Tom Davis says:

    Not for me.

  9. JDSMith says:

    I’m not sure how the Kickstarter program works but it looks like there gonna need quite a bit more help to hit their mark in time.

    I can’t help because just the thought of things things clacking around inside of a plastic box would drive me crazy and ruin my solitude on the water. Not a fan of built in zingers either because when they break their useless and usually can’t be replaced. It’s not for me either.

  10. Stephen says:

    When I fish I usually wear pants and a shirt. They have magical accessories called “pockets”. They carry more than you’ll ever need and they come free with the article of clothing. Simple.

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