Freeing stuck segments

On September 29, 2010
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While Dr. Ishigaki was visiting he showed us a very cool method for freeing two segments that are stuck on a tenkara rod (or any telescopic rod). It’s very simple, and effective, particularly if you have pieces that are stuck very tight or one of the thinner segments is stuck. I still recommend the tapping method in the field or for most cases as that will normally take care of most cases. However, the rubber band should be used  if you have a hard time freeing the pieces:

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6 Responses to Freeing stuck segments

  1. bet365 says:

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  2. Terrell whitworth says:

    Any other options? The second and third sections from the bottom of my Sato are jambed and everything I’ve tried doesn’t work.


    Without a doubt, this is the most aggravating part of a tenkara rod. My new Rhodo has a stuck butt section. Impossible to free it; of course cannot put it back in the tube. But at least it’s just the butt section.

    • Jonathan, if you can not free it please give us a call at 888.483.6527 and we will work with you to get you a new replacement part before these ones break. Sorry about that.

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