On May 16, 2010
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This last week we started a twitter tag (a word following the # sign, which links to entries with that same tag) that embodies our sentiment about fly fishing: #flyfishingsimplicity . For example, for us “no reel is #flyfishingsimplicity”, “not using a vest is #flyfishingsimplicity”, etc. We got a couple of nice responses on twitter and one very nice one today by self-proclaimed “Tenkara Bum“, Chris Stewart by email:

You get to a small stretch of stream and find that another angler has gotten there just before you. The fishable stretch is so small that to leapfrog him would just be rude. So, you resign yourself to fish behind him all day, and resolve to concentrate on presentation. When you stop for lunch he walks back down the trail and you offer a friendly “Any luck?” He says “I caught two small browns down below. You?” #flyfishingsimplicity allows you to say, “Yeah, a couple” instead of your actual fourteen.

What is your idea of #flyfishingsimplicity?

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  1. Richard Wesley says:

    #flyfishingsimplicity is tenkara, Tenkara USA is #flyfishingsimplicity. My wife and I really love the simplicity, and also great effectiveness of tenkara, #tenkaraeffectiveness :)

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