Fly-fishing simplicity

On April 23, 2009
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An article recently published by Mr. Gordon Wickstrom, “Grave and great: Fly fishing for our time” deeply resonated with what I have always been seeking in fly-fishing: a simplicity that may have been lost as the industry pushed for more and more layers of complexity. I found this simplicity in tenkara, and it was beautifully put in words by Wickstrom, where he says, “The idea is to live — and fish — more modestly and honestly, more simply, more economically, more personally and dynamically, yet, transparently.”

In the article, Wickstrom refers to an article by Ed Engle, a fly-fishing and outdoor writer, where Engle says, “What I like most is catching a trout in the most direct way possible. My most memorable fish have been the ones where there was as little between me and the trout as possible. That mean’s a single small unweighted fly that I’ve tied myself and the application of a no-nonsense, aesthetically pleasing, but practical, cast.”

This struck a chord with the idea behind tenkara fishing, which aims at getting away from all the gear and complexities of fly-fishing, and I just had to share it with you.

You may find Wickstrom’s article here: “Grave and great: Fly fishing for our time”

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  1. ArianaTync says:

    Very nice blog. I totally agree with your thoughts.

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