This is a panoramic photograph of the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. The Flatirons poster has the names of each visible formation in the Flatirons. While most people are familiar with the 5 Flatirons often seen from Chautauqua, this poster depict 106 formations known to climbers but seen by anyone along the Boulder Front Range.

BUY NOW: 30″x10″ poster, $19.95

Specs: 30″x10″ with a white border approximately 1/2″; not framed; printed on a high-quality matte paper with satin aqueous coating.

BUY NOW: 36″x12″ poster, $24

Specs: 36″x12″ with a white border approximately 1/2″; not framed; printed on a high-quality matte paper with satin aqueous coating.

ORDER: 36″x12″ metal print $159.95

Specs: 36″x12″ metal print with wall mount. 1/2 inch white border; mid-gloss with brilliant color reproduction and ready to hang. Allow up to a week for shipping.
*A metal print is displayed at the ranger station at Chautauqua for those wanting to see it in person.

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Neptune Mountaineering, 633 S Broadway St, Boulder, CO
McGuckin’s Hardware, 2525 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO
Rock and Resole, 2500 47th St #1Boulder, CO
Boulder Bookstore, 1107 Pearl St, Boulder, CO
Art Source International, 1237 Pearl St, Boulder, CO

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Flatirons panoramic poster with names

About this project

Since moving our company’s headquarters to Boulder in 2012 we have been in constant awe of the Flatirons. The Flatirons are our playground for when we are not fishing; we hike among them, scramble some of the easier faces and rope up to climb some of the routes. Living in Boulder we have the privilege of enjoying the view of these beautiful formations every day; in fact, we have a great view of the Flatirons right from our office.
Most visitors and residents quickly become familiar the most iconic formations in the Flatirons, such as the 1st through 5th Flatirons, Seal Rock which really looks like a playful seal, and the Devil’s Thumb to name a few. But, there are so many other rocks that we kept wondering what they were called.
Tenkara USA founder, Daniel Galhardo, thought it would be cool to have a poster with all their names so he could quickly identify the formations. Yet, despite a good amount of research since moving here he couldn’t find such a poster anywhere.
The idea for this poster brewed for several years as Daniel kept waiting for such a poster to be created by someone. In the meantime, Daniel started scouting for the best view points in the area while also paying attention to the best lighting conditions to photograph the texture and details on each of the formations that comprise the Flatirons. He felt that Fall through Winter offered the best lighting with the sun being farther South and casting shadows that help separate the formations from each other.
While Colorado is best known for its 300 days of sunshine and most images depicting the Flatirons have blue skies, the gray sky behind the Flatirons created a much more dramatic representation of the Flatirons. The gray skies with a bit of sun shining from the East is also what local residents get to see very often in the form of thunderstorms during the Summer. The gray skies also offered a nice backdrop for the names to stand out, and help create a nice separation between the front Flatirons and the unnamed faces behind them below Dinosaur and Green Mountains.
This panorama of the Flatirons is made up of 4 high resolution images of the Flatirons stitched together. The images were taken approximately 6 miles East of the Flatirons using a Canon7D camera and 200mm focal length lens.
A special thanks must be given to Bill Wright and Malcolm Daly who helped me fill in the names of the Flatirons.

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