Fishy Kid

On August 10, 2009
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A very cool project has just gotten underway with our support: Fishy Kid

Fishy Kid

As the simplest, and arguably most enjoyable and effective method of fly-fishing, we strongly believe tenkara is an incredible way to introduce youth to the sport of fly-fishing and are proud supporters of this project.

The site is the work of Cameron (Fiberglass Manifesto) and Kevin (Red Dirt Studio) and is currently being supported by a very large number of artists and companies, including Tenkara USA, with the intent to get kids involved in one way or another in the wonderful sport, and as the site shows, art of fly-fishing.  The site will be running various contests for kids, currently there is a coloring book contest and participants will be winning some very cool gear from sponsors, including traditional tenkara fly sets from us.

From their site: “Fishy Kid was inspired by two fathers who enjoy the sport of fly fishing and want to do our part in passing along the virtues of the outdoors to our children as well as to families within the online angling community.”

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