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On September 1, 2012
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A few months ago I wrote about the visit of Mr. Endo, editor of the Japanese “Fishing Cafe” magazine. I finally got to browse its pages. This issue is primarily dedicated to tenkara, with the profiles of some of the main personalities in the sport (including yours truly). For the last couple of years more and more fishing magazines have been dedicating issues to tenkara, an affirmation of the growing popularity of the method in Japan (by the way, Fishing Cafe is a magazine owned by Shimano). I love the layout of their magazine, with vivid images and text over images.

The cover features an illustration by Mr. Yoshikazu Fujioka, who is also featured in the magazine. Others featured are Mr. Sebata and Dr. Ishigaki.
I will write more about my experiences in the last couple of days after today’s fishing. No gnarly dishes this time, but a cool and new-to-me fishing method shown by the local kids, and some plain fun.
Below are some of the images I just took of the magazine with my phone (this post is being written on my phone as I wait to depart for today’s adventure).






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