Field & Stream Fly Talk by Kirk DeeterFly Trends for 2011

On January 5, 2011
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Kirk Deeter and Tim Romano at the Fly Talk blog by Field & Stream magazine were some of the first to tell their readers about tenkara fly-fishing [though they have not yet talked enough about it]. Today I was very pleased to read their “Fly Trends for 2011″. The comments that particularly caught my attention were:

2011 will be the year of the small stream. Companies and shops are going to press the virtues of those small waters… the value of catching wild fish, though they might be modest in size, over the stocked mutants in crowded tailwaters.
So get out the 2-weight, the fiberglass wand, or the Tenkara rod, pull up the hip waders, and get ready for a small stream rededication.

In line with what many people have been saying (Mr. Gordon Wickstrom, for example), I think tenkara is at the forefront of a trend towards simplification, less reliance on unnecessary gear, and yes, mountain stream fly-fishing and small stream angling. We’ll see if this holds true; we were pleased with how some of the 2010 predictions made by anglers for Midcurrent came true.

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