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On January 22, 2013
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We receive a lot of good emails from clients, but have always kept them to ourselves. Yesterday I set up the precedent of asking for permission to post a new tenkara angler’s first experience with tenkara. Today we received another email from a different angler, highlighting his first experience with the method. Both reports have some great points in them, so I thought they would be worth sharing with you, and asked them for permission to post. I think it is one thing to hear from us what we think about tenkara, but an entirely different thing to hear a spontaneously written note from a fellow angler. Here’s what Mr. Balch had to share:


Just a note from an excited senior fly fisherman.  I have been Western fly fishing for 30 plus years and my wife and son also fly fish.  I can’t be more pleased with becoming a new Tenkara trout fisherman.  I received my Iwana 12 ft rod on last week and Sunday Jan 20th, 2013 I went out for the first time.  Here in NC the winter conditions are challenging but still are available.  40 degrees but sunny, just after 3 major rainstorms, high water levels and stained.  I just wanted to try my new Tenkara equipment.   Expectations were to just learn to cast.  Two hours later 4 fish and many laughs and giggles.  Great for January!!!

I wanted to share something that I have not seen mentioned anywhere, I might have missed it.  Being 67 years old and still in good shape, I certainly don’t have the balance on the stream that I once had.  With Tenkara a major joy is that with my free hand I can hold and use my wading staff all the time while casting and moving in the stream.  This makes fishing more relaxing and my concentration level rises to the occasion.

I am a Community and Parent Educator and present to many different groups on topics addressing children challenged by Learning Related Vision Problems.  It was evident that I was the only Tenkara fisherman on the river Sunday so I was able to speak with numerous other fisherman on the river.  It was a natural for me to show my passion in words, especially while catching fish while no one else was, and respond when asked how long have you been using the Tenkara rod.  My response was 1 1/2 hours!!!  Smiles all around.  Made me feel like an instructor and guide because I knew more than my audience.  More smiles!!!

By the way your customer service department is fantastic.  You should provide training seminars for other businesses that fall way short of your attention to client satisfaction.

I hope to run into you at the NC show in February on the 9th and 19th and thank you in person.  I am already thinking about the ITO as my next purchase.  The only problem is there will be a battle for the Iwana rod between my wife and son.

Thanks again,

Doc Balch

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5 Responses to Another Tenkara angler’s

  1. TJ Ferreira says:

    What a great post and email!

    Exciting times ahead I am sure.

    Mr Balch, enjoy the journey.


  2. Hey Guys,

    I wanted to comment on a point that Doc made. I have been guiding Tenkara for two years now. I had a client this year that had just recovered from a heart condition. He was understandably uneasy on the river. One of the things that he loved about Tenkara was that he could fish and hold on to his wading staff at the same time. As you know I have bee fishing Tenkara pretty much from the beginning. Its cool to see how this sport is expanding and enabling at the same time.

  3. martin says:

    No doubt, Tenkara has been the best that have happened to fly-fishing: Simplicity. Really, what Daniel is doing, not only by introducing this traditional fishing modality (and getting us all hooked), but also giving back to nature through environmental institutions like Trout Unlimited. Kudos to Tenkara USA!

  4. As a senior fly fisherman who discovered tenkara two years ago, I would echo all of Mr Balch’s sentiments. His love of tenkara will likely continue to grow, as mine has. Truly a superior method for small stream trout angling.

  5. Tom Sadler says:

    Great email! Like Lance I have clients who love the fact they can fish while holding a wading staff. They love the security, mobility and confidence it affords them. Tenkara continues to make fly fishing more accessible to people which is good for the sport, the economy and the environment.

    Doc, if you read this, come find me at the Mossy Creek Fly Fishing booth at the Fly Fishing Show in W-S. We can swap tenkara stories!

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