Dr Ishigaki is in da house

On September 24, 2014
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Dr Ishigaki is in da house. He arrived a few hours ago…
IMG_2722.JPGWe are taking it easy today. Enjoying the view of the Flatirons from Chautaqua park, which I just learned could mean “jumping fish” (though I highly doubt it that’s what they named it after, I’ll look it up later)…
We also took our time to visit the location of the Summit. It’s beautiful there right now…

And now to enjoy some of the famous Colorado brews…


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2 Responses to Dr Ishigaki is in da house

  1. Timmy! says:

    Y’ll have fun! Wish i could have made it. Just to much goin on this year and to few $$$$$$$! Take lots of pics/videos! And get Dr. I out of that western fishing vest and gear!!!!!! : )

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