Colorado Picture roll

On October 26, 2011
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Here are some pictures of my recent trip to Colorado, 5 days of tenkara!

Although I never fish in lakes, as I hiked past a lake I noticed this Greenback Cutthroat cruising about 30ft from the shore. Too much to resist

Greenback Cutthroat, Colorado Tenkara

After getting my “fix” for a fish off the lake, I simply watched them cruising along. With a lot of stealth I walked on top of a log and waited for them to come by. All pictures are taken with a Sigma DP2, with no zoom and a “as-you-see-it” field of view. So this is how close I was to the fish

Greenback Cutthroat tenkara

The scenery is hard to beat

Those dots are elk – very hypnotizing calls

Elk field in RMNP

The famous South Platte, at Cheesman Canyon

South Platte Tenkara

Karel fighting a very good fish – lost at last second when I distracted him. Probably a good 16-17″

Karel Lansky fighting a fish on tenkara

A frosty morning today. My watch read 22 degrees at the time I woke up. First priority: hot coffee!

Cutt-bow hybrid today. Lost the big one that came after this, OF COURSE!

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8 Responses to Colorado Picture roll

  1. David Lor says:

    Great set, Daniel. The first cutthroat photo is phenomenal and the 3rd shot has a very magical, serene quality to it.

  2. Paul Vertrees says:

    Great pics, Daniel! Glad you had such a fun trip to our state!

  3. Jack says:

    Great report, Daniel, like a magazine article .. only more immediate! I love your hot coffee pic – you managed to get the “feel” of a freezing morning in the mountains. I loved your watch saying “22 degrees.” Took me by surprise, cause my watch typically says 22:00 *hours”! Lol!


  4. Lenny Nichols says:

    When I backpack in Colorado, I often end up base-camping at a high lake. My first Tenkara experiences are fishing in the lakes. Prior to that I was a spin fisher. It was a real joy to see the trout come up from deep in the lake and take my floating fly. I haven’t managed to do much stream fishing (and almost no catching). Looking forward to getting back to Colorado next year. (I live in central Texas).

  5. Mike Depies says:

    If one uses a tenkara fly rod to fish for other species of fish, how large of a fish can be brought in with a tenkara rod?

    • That is still up to dispute. We do not recommend using tenkara to target large fish (e.g. over 20″, large carp, etc). But, on the occasion one is hooked it really depends a lot more on the angler than on the rods. The rods can hold up pretty good size fish.
      In the forum there have been a few trout in the 24-25″ range, several in the 20″ range including carp, chubs, and even a bonefish.
      I know of someone who fought a 8-9lb carp for a couple of minutes before the hook came off, someone caught a salmon in the UK which broke off as he was about to grab its tail and was estimated to be in the 10lb area.
      For the most part I’d recommend using it for targeting fish up to 20″ only.

  6. Jess says:


    Enjoy your site. After retiring from the Army, I’m moving to New Mexico and will be buying a rod/gear from you once I get settled. Like to support small business when I can. Can’t wait to jump into this style.



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