China, Day 4 – Yamame and more

On September 13, 2012
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Teaching tenkara to our workers in China

Today is day 4 of spending time with our factories in China. It was a very productive day. Margaret joined me in evaluating working conditions at the factory that makes the Yamame rods for us. She provided a keen eye for detail; requesting that workers put on their mask even as they may not like doing it and those are available to them. A good portion of the day was dedicated to teaching tenkara to our rod engineers and evaluating rod designs and processes to ensure good quality control going forward.

I don’t have a whole lot to write about today. Normally this would be a quick writeup with pictures posted on our socialnetworks/microblogging platforms, but unfortunately I do not have access to those where I am. I will leave it at that so I don’t lose access to this blog as well.


Yamame tenkara rod assembly

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10 Responses to China, Day 4 – Yamame and more

  1. Tom Davis says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I have enjoyed following your journey this trip. It is wonderful that you take the time to educate those that produce your rods. I also like that you, through your company, are making American jobs. Small business owners rule!! Keep up the excellent work!

    Have a safe trip home.


    • Tom, thank you for the comment. I think it is important to make a point, through a concrete example, about how work with China can help create jobs at home too. I once heard someone next to me saying that he wouldn’t buy a fishing rod made in China, not knowing about my business. I wish I had taken the time to point those things out to him.

  2. Matt "statikpunk" Donovan says:

    thats right, without the ability to use china there is a good chance that Tenkarausa would not be here today. and I find that prospect unthinkable. :)

    by the way, what rod is that in the picture that your instructing the gentleman with? I like the color

    • Thank you Matt.
      The rod is a prototype we have been developing for sometime. But, if the rod is released the color will likely be different. I had specified the color sometime ago but now there is another rod out there that resembles this one.

  3. TJ Ferreira says:

    Ummmm, what rod is that in the 1st picture. 😎


  4. TJ Ferreira says:

    Funny, and I know what rod that is. hehehe. I saw it and did a double-take.

    I like the bamboo kind of color but, oh well.

    Since fish like purple, maybe that is a choice. Or red. 😎


  5. Rosie says:

    Perfection breeds disappointment
    Imperfection is happiness
    Be happy

  6. steve says:

    Don’t see any streams in China! What part are you in? I have always wondered if china has any good tenkara fishing (i lived in japan for 6 years and there is some fun fly fishing there!).

    • Steve, I’m sure there must be some tenkara fishing in China, but it seems very difficult to find. The consensus among every person I speak to here is that there is no fish in any of the streams I point out in maps near the major cities. The vast majority (as in almost all) rivers here are polluted or have been overfished. However, when I was living here I did go to one pretty remote area in Northern China (ChangBaiShan), which is right on the border with North Korea (as in I could have walked into N. Korea), and the streams were clear and could probably have trout. I didn’t have a fishing rod with me then unfortunately. Also, the mountains in Yunnan should have something. I do want to come back and visit different areas here in search of trout one day.

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