Tenkara U.S. fly-fishing

On May 2, 2009
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Tenkara was recently featured in Midcurrent as leading fly-fishing online resource.

In the article, the author poses the question of whether tenkara “has a chance of revolutionizing U.S. fly fishing the way two-handed techniques did thirty years ago, but there’s no question that it provides an interesting, simpler alternative to fly fishing formulas that seem only to get more complex.”

We believe it does indeed. Tenkara is a specialized segment of fly-fishing. Two handed rods are the special niche for big rivers, and until tenkara found its way to the US there was not a specialty type of fishing for small streams. Of course, there are 1-wt rods, and even 00-wt rods. However, these are just lighter variations of any fly rods. Tenkara offers a new system that is highly effective for small stream angling, and is truly ultra-light. Further, fly manipulation and control, important things in small stream fishing, are made easier with 11 – 13 ft long tenkara rods, as opposed to short fly-rods.

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2 Responses to Tenkara U.S. fly-fishing

  1. Carvalho says:

    Oh, yes! It has revolutionized my fly-fishing already. It’s the most effective and simplest way to fly-fish. I’m sure once people learn about it, it’ll be a revolution.

  2. Jeff Kreager says:

    I can’t wait to try my new rod out but I can say from years of fishing small streams with long rods that Tenkara Rods will be a big hit.

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