TENKARA+ [Contest]

On February 28, 2014
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Tenkara+ is the idea that tenkara goes well with anything you already enjoy doing outside. You should not have to choose between activities. I wrote about this a while ago here. Read on to see how to win a Tenkara USA Apparel.
That’s the beauty of this simple fly-fishing method. Because it doesn’t take a lot of equipment nor a lot of room, and it is super quick to setup, you can always bring tenkara along. Sure, sometimes (very often actually) we head out with the sole purpose of fishing. Tenkara can be its own excuse for us to head out, but what if you are planning to do other things? Do you need to choose one OR the other? We don’t think so. And, what if you’re going on a hike and happen to find a nice looking stream, will you wish you could cast your fly into its waters? Tenkara can make your next hike more interesting; it can ensure you’ll not go bored at rest days during your next climbing trip; and it will surely complement your backpacking trip very nicely.

So, we’re starting this “TENKARA+” campaign to illustrate there is no need to choose.
Share a picture or story of something you have done along with tenkara with. You may share that here on our blog or on our Facebook page or Twitter. At the end of the week we’ll be giving out a Tenkara USA shirt and a hat to one winner from Facebook, one from Twitter and one who posted on our blog. Please include the hashtage #tenkara+ at the beginning of your comment, or on your Twitter or Facebook post. You’re welcome to post in all three but if we select your photo or story we’ll only give you one prize.
Whether climbing, backpacking, foraging or hiking, make sure to bring a Tenkara USA rod along in your next adventure.



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4 Responses to TENKARA+ [Contest]

  1. Jay says:

    I found this a while back. Just spreading the word.

  2. Kid Riemer says:

    Jay, I’ve got to use that as my entry since I’m the guy in the video fishing tenkara! Hah!


    Salsa Cycles Presents: Idaho Overnighter

  3. Jay says:

    No problem, Kid. That wasn’t my entry just a plug!
    I love that ride too.

  4. david says:

    #tenkara tenkara+pirating, tenkara+magic, tenkara+conducting (orchestra), tekara+a galaxy far far away….so many outlandish ideas and no time to play with photoshop. I dont have a problem making tenkara my reason for getting out, its working in the time to get my fix. I’ve started fishing a nearby bass pond while my son is at practice (tenkara+soccer, tenkara+kid’s practice?) which got me to thinking of all the other potential bass ponds. tenkara+golf, tenkara+ walking the dog or picnic in the park. None are the same as hitting a mountain stream, but beat sitting behind a computer wishing you were fishing.

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