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On April 9, 2013
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The Tenkara Guides’ TROutreach (Tenkara Recreational Outreach) is featured in the March/April issue of InMotion magazine! Erik, John and Rob of the TenkaraGuides.com are doing a terrific job in bringing adaptive tenkara to people interested in fishing.

TROutreach was started with the intent of teaching physically impaired individuals how to fly fish – INDEPENDENTLY – through the elegance of tenkara. While the program is still in its infancy, TROutreach is gaining steam every season. This is a program supported by Tenkara USA.

They teach tenkara to amputees, polytrauma Veterans, and others who find themselves in a position that makes it tough to enjoy the outdoors through fly fishing.

Awesome work guys!

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4 Responses to Tenkara Guides’ TROutreach

  1. Gregg Jordan says:

    Good work. That’s a very nice contribution and I’m sure it will change the world of many folks who thought they wouldn’t be able to fish.
    Too bad Tenkara USA was not mentioned in the resources. I have followed the work Daniel has done with veterans in the past and I know he supports a couple of groups, wonder why they left it out.

  2. mike says:

    this is just fantastic on so many levels.

  3. We were also surprised to not see Tenkara USA listed in the resources mentioned in the article. FYI Tenkara Guides LLC did not write or submit the article. It was written by a professional writer/photographer.

    The publishing of this was a nice surprise. The trip with the amputee group was in August 2012 and the magazine article published 8 months later. We found out about it on 04/06/13.


  4. David says:

    Found this 2 minute video a few days ago. How to do a whip finish with only one hand. A statement at the end states the technique was developed for the warriors at Walter Reed AMC.

    Fly tying – one handed whip finish technique

    I would assume WRAMC has also developed other techniques too. Such as how to mount the hook, start the thread, or even how to wind the hackle.

    I think most of us tie flies when we can not go fish. And find fly tying another rewarding facet of fishing.

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