A Tenkara Summit Checklist

On July 23, 2012
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written by Jason

Tenkara Summit

With the 2012 Tenkara Summit only a few days away, I’m starting to think of what I’ll be taking.  Of course, there is the standard clothing, suitcase, fishing gear, Utah fishing license, etc., but I thought it would be useful to put together a list of some less obvious things that might come in handy at the actual summit itself.

  1. Flies to share or trade.  A lot of people have already been talking about bringing their favorite patterns along to share and you should too.  It’s not only a great way to connect with fellow tenkara anglers, but if you give a fly, you’re likely to get one in return.  This is a unique opportunity to see what other tenkara anglers are using and to get some design ideas for your own tying.
  2. An empty fly box with labels.  Since it’s likely you’ll end up with some free flies, the last thing you want is to get home and forgot who gave you what, or what kind of dubbing was used on that one pattern you really want to tie.  Bring an empty fly box and labels or small pieces of paper so you can write down who gave you the pattern, its recipe, and any other special notes you want to make about it.  You never know, these flies might become collector’s items someday!
  3. Promo items.  If you have a blog, bring some stickers, hats, or other promo items to hand out to promote your blog.  This is a great way to get the word out about your website and network with readers and other bloggers.
  4. Business cards.  It’s a lot easier to hand someone you want to connect with a business card than to scavange around for a pen to write down their name and email on a napkin.
  5. A pen and notepad.  There is going to be a LOT of information given out during the scheduled events and you might want to make a few notes.  Plus, you’ll probably get lots of free advice from other attendees that would be worth writing down.  I’m bringing a small note pad and mini space pen that will easily fit in my pocket.  If you don’t have business cards, a pen and notepad will also come in handy.
  6. A real camera.  For many of us, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Do you want to come back with dingy iPhone pictures?  Bring a real digital camera—one that has video too.  You’ll be glad you got higher quality pictures–especially if the chance arises to get your photo taken with a celebrity like Dr. Ishigaki!
  7. A list of questions.  The Tenkara Summit is the largest gathering of tenkara experts on Earth and the only place to tap in such a collective body of knowledge on the subject.  Don’t slap your head when you get home saying, “I should have asked about…”  It’s a good idea to sit down and write out a list of questions ahead of time to ask the experts.  It’s probably an even better idea to ask the same question to more than one person, as each might have their own unique perspective.

What else would you suggest bringing to the Summit?

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8 Responses to A Tenkara Summit Checklist

  1. Anthony says:

    some good ideas on the list

  2. Tim Plunkett says:

    Hi Jason, I was just reading over info. on the Summit and I was a bit confused on the clinics that require a fee. Which ones do require money and how much $? I can pay on Pay Pal TODAY but im not sure on the basic info.??? Thanks.

  3. Zack says:

    Jason you forgot to mention a rod! You are going to get in some fishing while you’re there right? 😉
    The summit sounds like a blast!

  4. Throw a wading rain jacket in your bag. We get occasional evening thunder storms this time of year. Not big rain, the storms are usually very short 10-30 min. But if you get caught in the open during one you’ll get soaked. These storms do provide some spectacular lightning shows!

    Sunscreen is highly recommended we will be fishing at high altitudes and sun damage happens quick here.

  5. One other thing,

  6. TJ Ferreira says:

    Amazing how many things these comments are reminding me to bring. I seem to be making many extra trips to my FJ packing it with more stuff. 😎


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