A small tip for tenkara casting

On March 15, 2014
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Here is a small tip that may help you in casting with your tenkara rod. It surprisingly makes a big difference in the cast. Having a hand fully gripping the rod makes the cast very “stiff”, all feels stiff this way. When you relax your grip and support the tenkara rod grip toward the edge of your palm all seems to work way better. Thanks John Geer for observing and pointing this out.


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5 Responses to A small tip for tenkara casting

  1. David says:

    If you look at the Thumbnail image for the video Tenkara Masters – Casting & Presentation Techniques. Tenkara no Oni’s grip looks a lot like the one in the bottom photo.


    As the great Yogi Berra advised, You can observe a lot by just watching. I believe you can observe a similar grip in some views in the video from 1:30 to 5:45.

    If he and John both agree, it must be correct advice. ; -)

  2. martin says:

    No doubt, the casting feels more relaxed. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Michaela says:

    I tried this and it really does make a difference in the cast,I notice that the rod doesn’t bounce on the forward cast.I love that! thanks for the tip!

  4. […] Galhardo gives some advice for improving your Tenkara cast by examining your rod grip. In one word: relax. Via Tenkara […]

  5. Interesting, I’m used to using the grip in the first photo and which feels more natural to me than the one in the second. I’m not sure what the benefits are in the “relaxed” grip. I reckon I’ll continue to use the grip that feels most comfortable to me. Everyone is different after all.

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