7lb brown trout on Tenkara

On July 9, 2012
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Written by Daniel


In his website Ryan Jordan says of tenkara, “If you think roping a bull in a cattle chute with a piece of dental floss sounds totally cool, then you’ll really like tenkara fly fishing”.
I was finally able to visually exactly what Ryan was talking about when I watched the video below. This video has been around for a little over a month, and although we have shared it on Facebook and Twitter I just noticed we never shared it here on this blog. Our main post for today is on how to choose a tenkara rod, and though we make it clear tenkara is not made for targeting very large fish, we have designed two rods with larger fish in mind.

Below is a must-see video of Guillaume Durand, a tenkara guide in France, catching, fighting and landing a beautiful 7lb brown trout in New Zealand. He was using our Tenkara Rods.

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7 Responses to 7lb brown trout on Tenkara

  1. Mark Cole says:

    What tippet was he using?

  2. GregM says:

    As the video starts there is text displayed says the tippet was 4x, which to me is a little more believable, given the amount of hauling he was doing initially.

    Is there any way the tippet could be verified?

    • Greg, indeed I agree the tippet size would more likely be 4X with that fish. And good catch on that.
      On the description below the video they state in both English and French and using two different systems. In English it says 7X, but in French it states: “et une pointe en 17/100ème” – that would be 0.17mm tippet which is 2.6kg/4X

  3. GregM says:

    Yvon Zill is a guide with a web site and email address.

    I have sent off and inquiry and will post the response.

  4. GregM says:

    … and the reply is –

    “Hello Greg,
    I’m sorry it’s a mistake the tippet is a 4X, it’s the limit with a Tenkara rod such this “Tenkara USA” Yamame. I have make the correction now on the Vimeo video.

    It’s not common in France to use X scale to express the strength of a line, we use more the diameter (ex. 17/100 of millimeter).”


  5. GregM says:

    …. and doing the math, 17/100 mm comes out to 0.00669 inches.

    5X is .006
    4X is .007

    An excellent performance on “typical” gear.

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