9th Anniv. outside of Japan

On April 12, 2018
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Today we celebrate the 9th anniversary of tenkara’s introduction outside of Japan and the inception of Tenkara USA!
On April 12, 2009, Daniel Galhardo launched Tenkara USA with the goal of introducing the concept of tenkara, a simpler way to fly-fish, to the world. Since then we have witnessed the growth of an awesome community of people who have been inspired to seek simplicity, share adventures and tell the story of tenkara. We would not be here today without your support, so thank you all very much for taking up tenkara and sharing the tenkara story.
While it may feel like it was yesterday that the first tenkara rods arrived and were put in your hands, today is a reminder that Tenkara USA has not been an overnight success, and the adoption of tenkara was not made in an instant. The last 9 years have been filled with incredible experiences, and milestones.

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6 Responses to 9th Anniv. outside of Japan

  1. Congratulations and thank you Daniel for your inspiration, creativity and ability for bringing tenkara to the USA.. Tenkara has brought me back to a wonderful simplicity in my life with a hobby of a childlike wonderment. Tenkarausa has been a joyful and simple experience.

  2. David says:

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone. TUSA remains the locomotive that left the station first – adding more cars to the tenkara train as it chugged along this 9 year long track..

  3. Michaela says:

    Daniel Congratulations ! and thank you for introducing me to Tenkara It has changed my life.

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