7 Tenkara Videos you Must Watch

On December 3, 2013
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We have put out a lot of videos since our inception in 2009. 88 to be exact. Here are 5 videos we think you must watch to learn tenkara, tenkara fly-tying, or just for your entertainment as the cold weather sets in:

1) How to cast with tenkara:

2) Tenkara Techniques:

3) Tenkara Pronunciation Guide:

4) Tenkara Knots:

4B) You may also want to watch this video on my “one knot”, used for tippet to level line and fly to tippet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eemGKr-GYrE

5) How to tie a tenkara fly:

6) Landing a larger fish on tenkara and long line:

7) Tenkara and Canyoneering

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4 Responses to 7 Tenkara Videos you Must Watch

  1. Great videos, all of them Daniel!
    I am especially taken by the shower climbing one. That just seems really cool!

  2. craig says:

    my favourite is still one of the first from you, “tenkara get into it” with Masami nakano. it has a poetry in it that is still appealing.

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