30-second tenkara pronunciation guide

On August 23, 2013
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We are often asked about the correct pronunciation of some tenkara words, so I asked Mr. Yuzo Sebata, Ms. Akiko Takamatsu, Mr. Mano and Mr. Yoshida to share the correct way of saying them. This 30-second guide to pronouncing common words used in tenkara was fun to put together. Learn how to say: tenkara, sakasa, kebari, amago, iwana, yamame and ito.
Tenkara: Japanese method of fly-fishing that uses only a tenkara rod, tenkara line and tenkara flies.
Sakasa: “reverse” and normally used in conjunction with the word kebari, which means artificial fly. Sakasa kebari is the reverse-hackle fly commonly used in tenkara.
Amago, Iwana, Yamame, and Ito are names of Japanese trout and char and also the names of the tenkara rods made by Tenkara USA.

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3 Responses to 30-second tenkara pronunciation guide

  1. David says:

    Hmmm Video says unavailable. Hearing the words from a native speaker could be interesting. However – Ask a W.Virginian & an Ohioian how to say : Hi, Five or Nine – you’ll hear words that sound a lot different. Add Boston, Charlotte or Memphis for even more variety. Maybe Japan is more homogeneous in how they pronounce words.

  2. Michaela says:


    I love this…I always wonder if I am pronouncing these words correctly, thank you the video

  3. Jeremy (achilles38) says:

    haha, awesome. I’ve been pronouncing most of those words incorrectly. thanks for cleaning it up.

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