25 seconds at the Tenkara USA booth

On January 13, 2013
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The last four days that the ISE show in Sacramento were BUSY! It really felt like this pretty much the whole time at the ISE Show in Sacramento.

Most of the people coming by had “fly fished once before a long time ago…”. Many said they didn’t take it up because there were too many things to learn, and so we had the perfect answer for them: tenkara!

We were there for 4 days, for a total of 34 hours. In the segment above we introduced 7 people to tenkara for the first time. Now, if the segment above is 1/4 of a minute, just multiply the segment above by 8,160 times and you get an idea for how many interactions we felt we had this weekend. Yes, we introduced a good number of people to a a simpler method of fly-fishing this weekend.

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