12-12-12 goal

On December 12, 2012
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I was planning to leave home early today and go fishing, with the goal of catching 12 trout on this day of 12-12-12. Well, I got caught up but hope I can still head out, even if only for 12 minutes – though the goal would become rather ambitious at that point. And, yes, hopefully they will all be 12 inches long (though I wouldn’t mind if they just average out to 12 inches, say a 6″, a 12″ and an 18″ trout) . And, yes, I will be using the 12ft Iwana, probably 12ft of line. And, maybe, just maybe, I’ll break my rule of using one fly and catch them on 12 different flies!

What is your 12-12-12 goal? 12 flies tied? 12 new facts about tenkara learned? Or, a brand new 12ft tenkara rod for Christmas? Or, if you haven’t seen it yet we have a new kit for sale which has all you need for fly-fishing, including 12 tenkara flies.

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  1. Corbin Haugen says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Out of curiosity, how long is that kit deal going to last? I need one! Unfortunately, I can’t spend anything on myself until AFTER Christmas…

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