1 million views!!!

On April 3, 2017
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This weekend Tenkara USA reached a milestone when the first video we created to introduce tenkara to the US and beyond reached 1 million views!!! Not exactly a viral video, but certainly a cool number to reach.
1 million views tenkara video
I have certainly learned a lot since that video was created, and some of it makes me chuckle, or even cringe a bit these days. But that video certainly did its job and introduced a lot of people to tenkara. I will save you from it and not embed it here, but you can watch the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel here.
Thank you all for watching!
And, make sure to watch our newest videos at Tenkara Videos.

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One Response to 1 million views!!!

  1. Kevin Kelleher says:

    Ah so many years ago… I still think this video resonates with the essence of tenkara; unencumbered joy. All the best and congratulations!

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